Monday, September 26, 2011

there goes September!

We finally did some garden maintenance over the weekend. It was badly overgrown, and a lot of our veggies were inaccessible. So we harvested what we could, hacked away at crazy vines, pulled plants that were all done, and made a whole lot of good stuff for composting. Many of the tomato plants seem to be about to produce another big crop of tomatoes, and it's still been pretty warm outside, so I'm hoping we get another good sized batch all at once so we can make some more sauce.

We got 21 butternuts (with about that many still on the vine) - it's a good thing these will store for months!
And lots of peppers that we're dehydrating...
The watermelons still aren't ready. Here's a new little one I just discovered this morning. The vines are taking over a huge part of the yard, and I'm wondering if I should be trimming them back so the plant can focus on the melons it has instead of swallowing our house.
We did some canning - more blackberry jam with berries we picked from Underwood Family Farms, and some marinara sauce to use up the tomatoes we had.
And finally, here's Pheobe trying to get in on our wedding pictures :D

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  1. I'm so impressed by all those butternuts you grew. I tried a new one this year called Betternut 401 but it only grew two squash (squashes?)